Pipe network energy-saving
Pipe network energy-saving
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Energy conservation technologies and products of heating network system
Pre-fabricated insulated energy saving technology
Energy conservation technologies and products for low temperature storage and transport systems
Pre-fabricated cold insulation energy-saving technology
Introduction to the businesses

High-efficiency heat insulated pipe support

Obtaining the national patent by originating High-efficiency  heat insulated pipe support.

Core technology

Central heat insulation technology

Thermal stress compensation technology

Anti-vibration buffering technology

Anti-relaxation autofrettage technology

Low friction stress reduction technology

High temperature anti-corrosion technology

Save about 30 % of the heat loss

Heat pipe network long distance  transmission technology

The unique thermal insulation composite structure, rotating compensation system and other integrated technologies are adopted to improve the long-distance steam transmission capacity.

Cases of application
Technical advantages

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, municipal thermal transmission pipelines.

Introduction to the businesses

Achieve comprehensive pre-fabrication of thermal insulation

Effectively solve the technical bottleneck of long-term reliability and energy saving effectiveness

Temperature drop of 1-5℃/km and pressure drop of 0.015-0.05Mpa/km for heating network with the transmis-sion radius over 30km and the insulation service life over 25 years

Core technology

Full pre-fabrication technology

Digital piping, factory prefabrication, and prefabricated integrated installation

High-efficiency thermal insulated technology

Full temperature field composite structure, full pipe network insulation, full system compensation, full scene sealing

Lightweight technology

Lightweight materials, rigid cylindrical structure design, high load-bearing capacity

More than 30 indicators of innovative products are fully qualified

Cases of application
Technical advantages
Introduction to the businesses

High-efficiency cold insulation pipe support

Making a breakthrough of localization in China on the supports of cold insulation piping by successful application  in low temperature ethylene pipe networks.

Product performance

Wide temperature range,stable dimension,suitable for wide range applications,effectively reduce cold energy  loss of low temperature pipeline, ensuring operational safety of low temperature pipeline.

Core technology

Center cold insulation design

Anti-loosing autofrettage technology

Fully enclosed sealing technology

Anti-aging technology

Cold shrinkage compensation technology

Cold insulation materials for  low-temperature  containment system

PIR series products have been used in chemical plants, olefin cracking plants, liquefied natural gas storage and  transportation plants and other cold insulation projects with deep cold scene.

Core technology

Good water-proof and humid-proof

Easy installation

Whole system not flammable, anti-aging, anti-corrosion

Good fire-proof

Excellent cost performance

Cryogenic thin film containment system

The membrane enclosure system is a new type of low-cost, easy-to-operate cryogenic medium storage and transportation device insulation system. Company and Sinopec jointly developed a thin film containment system to used for multiple application scenarios to ensure national energy security.

Cold insulation material for cryogenic thin film containment system

Low temperature storage and  transport pipe network  long distance transmission technology

It has a complete set of cold insulation technologies such as compound cold insulation, labyrinth seal, moisture  proof and steam resis-tance , low temperature compensation, etc., to achieve ultra-low cooling loss of low temperature storage.

Cases of application
Technical advantages

It is widely used in storage and pipeline transportation of liquefied natural gas ( LNG ), low  temperature olefins, air separation, polysilicon and other industries.

Introduction to the businesses

Effectively solve the technical bottleneck of traditional cold insulation installation with high professional requirements and short energy-saving effective cycle.

Core technology

The integrated pre-fabricated cold insulation pipeline, moisture / protection system, pipeline support system / cold compensation system technology are applied to  realize the prefabrication of straight pipe section, elbow and tee of low temperature pipeline network.

Cases of application
Technical advantages