The company is guided by technology research and development, based on the pipeline network energy-saving safety series products and engineering integration services, and provides customized and high-end integration services for customers.
About us
Jiangsu Shengtai Energy Network Technology Co., Ltd.(Acronym:SNRG)
located in Nanjing City, an ancient capital of 6 dynasties of fine scenery and rich culture.
Founded in 1997.It remains committed to the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and is honored with the High-Tech Enterprise and the national-level “Specialized, Sophisticated, Distinctive and Innovative” Little Giant Enterprise.
These are based on a series of proprietary technologies and aims at low energy consumption and long-term safe operation of pipe network systems to advance low-carbon development. Company is competent to provide overall solutions and products including one-stop engineering integration services for energy conservation and safety of pipe network systems in petrochemical and energy industries.
Coupling energy conservation & safety technology with intelligent technology of pipe network, company is professional to provide life-cycle management solutions and integrated services covering online inspection and monitoring & diagnosis, online repair and intelligent operation.